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Means to Know Yourself & Enhance Your Life Do you ever wonder what makes your Personality type so unique? The Muslim personality is much more than a compatibility test. The test is like a good, honest friend who knows you well and tells you exactly who you are. If you’re wondering why someone in your class/office doesn’t warm up to you or how you can be friendlier in your home or office, this is a great tool.

It’s a cool way to change the little but important habits that may bother your friends and family.

Focusing on the religious disposition of the subjects, the test helps Muslims gauge their religious temperament as a critical element to their character.

An important distinction of the test is the emphasis on aligning personality traits with your true color, with a view to providing a more accurate personality assessment. Armed with the Muslim Personality test’s assessment, you can immediately use the enlightenment to improve your life and of those around you.

Typical results of the test include:

  • Personality
  • Character traits
  • Mood Ranges
  • How you handle Stress
  • 17 descriptive adjectives
  • What personality you may be attracted to
  • Your ideal career paths and more.

Methodology The Muslim personality test applies a similar methodology as that used by the major personality tests in the psychology and employment fields. The test puts this methodology to a greater purpose by enabling people to use the test findings to build and improve relationships.

Finding, Improving and Cherishing Relationships Can’t seem to find your other half when it comes to marriage? How can you find your ideal partner if you don’t know what kind of personality is most compatible with you. The Muslim personality test will help you define and find that perfect partner. If you’re already married, the test will help you improve your relationship with your spouse inshAllah. The test’s illumination brightens your relationships, showing you for example how to take friction out of your marriage, how to fill the void you feel between yourself and your partner etc.